Saturday, December 26, 2009

Quick sketch

 I have a few sketches of ideas that I'm going to try and make some color comps for in Photoshop cs4, and some vector line work I really need to color. Been busy with the logo for my cousin still, I'll post some of the text in progress along with the most recent revision, as well as anything else I can find that I did this month but completely forgot to post. Hoping everyone's holiday was good, here's a quick sketch I did tonight, check back for more stuff in the next 2 days.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The open house

This first image is what I'm wanting my painting's to resemble more of. The attempt to make a classical painting was fun, but maybe just not the style of work I feel like doing at this stage. Look for more stuff like this, I did this one at 3am on wed this week and it just worked out well imo. I didn't have enough time to do some more like this, or at least that I felt as happy with, but I'll be working on variations of this style for the next upcoming open house.

The display at the open house last night. Some crappy pictures of the ink washes, I'll scan them in when I get them back and switch out these pictures for some better.

final painting

Got really bad about taking pictures and recording the process as this painting came out. There was definitely a point where I started painting by the seat of my pants, which isn't a horrible thing, but really doesn't help when your an inexperienced painter trying to get something done on time. I posted the last remaining pictures just for reference, but I think I won't be doing the rest of this series in this style. It feels to stiff, and just isn't the way I like to paint. I did some ink washes to put a lil more on the wall at the open house and I'm thinking one in particular is a good representation of what I'm wanting to do with these. I'll post that next.