Sunday, February 28, 2010


Darkened the edges of the bg negative shape, worked on the cleaver, skull, bleeding hearts, and some darker shadows. Will let this sit for a bit as it dries ( oxidizes) then I'll go in to finish off the flowers and spores.

More color

Went in with some more opaque vibrant color to fill out the shapes of the flowers and leaves more. Will do the same to the cleaver, bleeding hearts, spore thingys, and minor amounts to the skull just for highlights.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Stuff and things.

Some drawings done at work today. Just working on some ideas.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

couldn't help my self

This might be a sad ass attempt at making more posts for the blog but what the hell. Added the shadow that was missing cause it was driving me nuts, took me like 2mins, so dunno why I was stalling. Anyways here's the minor update, figured documenting all progress is better than jumping around to much.
Also, sorry for the horrible pics with glares and such, I'll try to have a friend or family member with better equipment take a better pic when I'm all done to better display it.


More highlights taken out and a lil blending. At this point a soft blending brush and a colour shaper are my best friends. Screwed up a little bit and forgot to add a dark umber shadow on the right side of the skull on the magnolia, making the two shapes blend into each other and no serious contrast. I'll have to fix that with some color matching and such but still very fixable. This is probably my favorite part of this whole process, just the reduction of darks to push forward the lights and really separate those forms to make it more 3 dimensional. Going to let the oil wash sit for a day and try to oxidize more before I go forward so as to not disrupt what I've already done since the oil wash is still fairly loose and movable. After this oxidizes a little more I'll go in with solid oil paint and start a painterly technique and hopefully pull it all off at the end with some line work so it resembles more of the graphic feel of the original drawing.

thank you clutch

Seriously. Can be in the worst mood and all I need is your music as loud as possible and I'm good.
Pure Rock Fury.

The oil wash. Has to sit for a little while and oxidize a bit so I can then erase out the highlights.

On another note Monday night RAW is being filmed in Indiana on the 22nd. I will be leaving the state for 24hrs to avoid such an event. Pro wrestling....... not sure which I hate more, reality TV, or fake fighting.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


The first test painting so far. Just flat acrylics at this point, keeping it simple for the next step which is the oil wash that will pull all the color together. The meat cleaver looks like shit right now, but that will change hopefully when I start the oil painting.

Friday, February 19, 2010

For the love of god

please kill your TV, else it's gonna kill you. Reality TV ruined everything. What the hell happened to Cheers, the Wonder Years and Rosanne. You know, the classics. And what about that one sitcom that tried to do it with dinosaurs. Basically prehistoric Rosanne.
Well that one kind of sucked.
Saw the bumper sticker the other night that says, " real men love Jesus." First of all I hate bumper stickers, esp religious and political ones. Or hippy ones. Basically all of them. But this one is asking for it. Its a slogan thats been around for a while but I think its time to kick that fat ass up a notch.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Life drawing Thrus

2 1/2 hours roughly.
Not super happy with the way the portraits came out, was focusing mainly on color I suppose. Still was a good sitting, actually pretty happy with my color, at least the skin tones since everything else is Grey ha! Gonna try and focus on getting better likeness next time and laying down more opaque, saturated color early on. Lets hope the rookie mistakes are out of my system next Thurs.

On my way to meet Jen and Melissa at the Ale now.

work in progress

A quick WIP before tonight's live session.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

First test

Was a little to big for the scanner so I took a picture of this as well. The scan is a lil more finished with a few more blacks and details of pits and damage to the skull. Even though this one is a test I'll probably use the tracing paper the drawing is on for a final painting later. Might use this composition a few more times with random objects, maybe a pair of gardening shears, and some other things that are not so pointy, maybe fluffy.... cause it'd be silly I guess.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New set of ideas

Some drawings I did while trying to come up with a few new paintings. I wasn't super happy with what came out for the Wheeler open house and had to take a step back and really look at the way I've been working traditionally. I need more experience painting all in all, so I figure I'll start with what I know first before I try to make a big jump in my technique, especially when I have a dead line. This time I have no deadline, at least not for 3 months, so I'm gonna take my time on these and get reacquainted with working in a traditional manner that involves more painting tools rather than drawing.
Might be giving one of these to a friend, putting the others up in tattoo studios and in the store that I work at. Only 3 of these sketches really works for me and will be done in final, made some larger versions to point those out.
Yeah lots of flowers, tree branches, insert random object here. Have spent a lot of time doing too much stuff with symbolism and stories so I'm taking a break and just doing stuff that has shapes I like and interesting compositions and focusing more on technique to hone my skills. I'll get back to witches, kids and robots in a month after I get these done.
Saw the Wolfman Friday. Both me and the friend I went with fell asleep a few times. That's my movie review for you. Wasn't that bad, but it didn't wake me up either. Now I want to see Shutter Island.
Finally caught up on Lost. It's pretty damn good.
I'll be going to Thurs night modeling session again so look for that/those pic(s).

Friday, February 12, 2010

thurs night life painting

Went to a life painting session for the first time in way to long. Lugged my computer up there with me and finished this 2 1/2 hour drawing. Its taking a bit of time to get back into the swing of things, and as well this being the first time I was able to do the digital paint during a live drawing session. Was defiantly fun though and hope to have more for later.