Sunday, February 21, 2010


More highlights taken out and a lil blending. At this point a soft blending brush and a colour shaper are my best friends. Screwed up a little bit and forgot to add a dark umber shadow on the right side of the skull on the magnolia, making the two shapes blend into each other and no serious contrast. I'll have to fix that with some color matching and such but still very fixable. This is probably my favorite part of this whole process, just the reduction of darks to push forward the lights and really separate those forms to make it more 3 dimensional. Going to let the oil wash sit for a day and try to oxidize more before I go forward so as to not disrupt what I've already done since the oil wash is still fairly loose and movable. After this oxidizes a little more I'll go in with solid oil paint and start a painterly technique and hopefully pull it all off at the end with some line work so it resembles more of the graphic feel of the original drawing.