Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New set of ideas

Some drawings I did while trying to come up with a few new paintings. I wasn't super happy with what came out for the Wheeler open house and had to take a step back and really look at the way I've been working traditionally. I need more experience painting all in all, so I figure I'll start with what I know first before I try to make a big jump in my technique, especially when I have a dead line. This time I have no deadline, at least not for 3 months, so I'm gonna take my time on these and get reacquainted with working in a traditional manner that involves more painting tools rather than drawing.
Might be giving one of these to a friend, putting the others up in tattoo studios and in the store that I work at. Only 3 of these sketches really works for me and will be done in final, made some larger versions to point those out.
Yeah lots of flowers, tree branches, insert random object here. Have spent a lot of time doing too much stuff with symbolism and stories so I'm taking a break and just doing stuff that has shapes I like and interesting compositions and focusing more on technique to hone my skills. I'll get back to witches, kids and robots in a month after I get these done.
Saw the Wolfman Friday. Both me and the friend I went with fell asleep a few times. That's my movie review for you. Wasn't that bad, but it didn't wake me up either. Now I want to see Shutter Island.
Finally caught up on Lost. It's pretty damn good.
I'll be going to Thurs night modeling session again so look for that/those pic(s).