Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Doin the rounds.

Have the next 3 days off from work due to over lapping sick days, gotta use'em before my annual review and I lose em forever!  So today and the next few days I'm calling around to tattoo shops bringing my work around, trying my best to get some out there.  Contacted Modified, Coil 12, and Skinquake so far.  Going into coil 12 today to meet the guys, although it doesn't sound like they got much room to put stuff up but should be good to get a dialogue going.  Gonna drop by Skinquake in Greenwood on Sat, and I haven't herd anything back from Modified yet.  Keepin my fingers crossed, hoping I can at least meet a few new people and possibly see what they'd like to see in their studios if what I got isn't their bag.  The line work on the salt tree is still drying, should be ready for the final glaze by tomorrow.  No wammies no wammies no wammies.