Saturday, September 12, 2009

Art vs Art 2009

Art vs Art 2009 paint day wrapped up at 4:00pm today, leaving the rest up to the fans. The main event will take place on 9/25/09 at the Vogue Theater, which should be another good time as it was last year. Until then you can go vote for you favorite online at starting Monday, and uh, vote for me. Everything done for the event was done using the same materials, ( some cheap acrylics, couple of brushes, canvas, paper towels, and water) and under a four hour time limit. No easels or other personal materials allowed, with the exception of sketches and reference items. On the 25th the ones that receive the most votes online will go head to head on stage, being voted on by the crowed and measured by their cheers, screaming, and belligerent appraisals.
The smaller images above were my sketches and ideas prior to entering the event, and the large top one is the final image. My biggest regret this year is that I didn't give my self enough time to do a proper color test before I went into the event. The result was to much red and yellow as a reflection on the robot himself, as well as the over all color is a little to washed out, and as always the drawing itself was rushed a little to much, lacking the same feel as I got on some of the earlier sketches. This is all ok though, the point of the event is to see what people can come up with using limited colors, brushes and not to great a place to sit except the floor or personal chairs ( yeah back problems, kick ass!). The colors given were primary yellow, primary cyan, cad red hue, white, and black, all very, very student grade paints from Studio 71 (its fun to watch the paint flake and clump in the water, obviously having a hard time mixing evenly, fun stuff heh.) Probably going to finish a color version of the final sketch I did in Photoshop, getting the color how I'd like it, given the chance to use more colors obviously. Check back soon for the results and winner of this years Art vs Art, wish me luck!