Thursday, September 10, 2009

More stuff!

Yeah yeah, I know, " but wheres the finished images Bri?" Well its coming don't worry, but in the mean time here's some more sketches. The robot and such are still for the Art vs Art thing, but I figured I'd share some of the earlier images, since the last ones were actually the more recent. These were some of my original concepts and compositions, along with some goofy designs for the robot. The one with the unreasonably large gun coming out of his chest amused me, but just wasn't right for the idea I have, or the composition I'm going for. The digital black and white sketch has a few things I like, but over all it was the first pass at the idea. IMO the robot was way to basic, and well, lame, and the kid looks like he has a goiter or some type of perpetuity disorder with his head. Plus this was before I had the idea of him holding a sling shot, which I feel really pulls the idea together, not in the David and Goliath way, which seems to be the initial idea most people have ( gotta fix that.) More like this robot is a guardian of the kid, but some how even with all the robots high tech ass kicking skills, the kid still pulls his weight with the simplest and oldest of weapons, the sling shot. A nice contrast that I felt really helped the idea of the piece. Gives you an idea of where I get started when I'm thinking about this stuff, but now lets just see what the finished will look like.
Added some sketches as well, just some random costume designs, and maybe some witches.