Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More sketchy mc sketcherson

Going to be adding a lot of sketches this month for the 5 piece painting I'm doing for the Wheeler open house in dec. I'll try and add some of the other things I'm working on, still got the logo in the works, and I'll post what I've done with hat lately later tonight. Gonna be fairly busy with the open house I think, so I probably wont get to updating my website anymore until next month, when I'll have more time to work on the more commercial pieces I started last month all done in vector illustration.

This was one of the earliest sketches I had of the matriarch when I first thought of the image. Not really what I'm going for, but this was the start, and figured it'd be worth it to show more of my process than what I usually do. For the most part drawings like these would never see the light of day, considering the final product is usually fairly different.

These two head pieces are more of what I've been going for. As for the facial paint I've decided to stick with the dark colored bottom half of the jaw with the bottom lip a light color for contrast. This with be constant through all masks to make them all uniform, while other face paint will differ to give more character and fill out the costume more.

First initial sketch for the five paintings. I'll be finalizing the center image first and starting on it first since it's the largest. The others I'll be working out soon and I'll share those then, at that time I'll give you a better idea of what I'm going for and the narrative behind this.