Sunday, November 8, 2009

new sketches for paintings

Sketches for paintings I'm working on for the upcoming open house at the Wheeler Dec. 4. Exploring more ideas in masks and other weird looking things, should be five paintings. I'll post the sketches and layout once I get to it this week, these drawings here are just trying out different ideas for the Matriarch's head piece. I'm hoping to start doing more traditional work to show around town, don't really ever do shows but I'm looking to change that.

These are a little to clownish for me, although I'm happy with some of the shapes, I think some of the paint could be changed up a bit.

I'm happier with the out come of these, more along the lines of whats in my head. I've been working on two minor paintings and hopefully a few more this week if time permits to beef up on my traditional painting since I haven't done it in so long, with the exception of Art vs Art. I'll post those when I get them to a state that I feel like sharing.