Saturday, October 31, 2009

No room to move, just work.

Oh yeah almost forgot, meant to say something last post, but I added a few new people to the people to check out list. Ryan Burosh and Chris Magee are 2 artist I work with at the art store, good peoples, good skillz, and Megan Zoeller is a friend from WAY back, killer tattoo artist. I'll add morre as I go, and hopefully talk a few other people into starting blogs/websites.

I always like seeing what other peoples studios and work areas look like so I figured I'd share mine. So here goes.

Here's the computer set up in my living room. I moved the desk closer to the tv so I can have all three screens hooked up, although I only use 2 at a time, one for the main image I'm working on, and the 2nd for reference, other work ect. I'll occasionally use the tv as a screen, but it's nicer to have it playing music and scrolling through my favorite artist while I work on my laptop hooked up to the 2nd screen to the right.

My easel area, in the dining room next to the kitchen. Most important thing here is to have plenty of room to step back, especially when your working on something large. You can barely see the large glass table to the left with the orange box full of oil paints, but that's where I put my materials when painting.... and I have another small glass table that I'm really tempted to make into a glass palette. Probably will heh. Then there will be absolutely no where for any one to put their things, drinks and such.... not a super inviting environment to hang out in but what ever.

The first closet filled with supplies and such. I need to organize it again, but it's been a while since I did the traditional stuff, so that will be in November.... tomorrow.

More storage space, another closet filled with large area art materials, and old drawings some from classes back in college.

This my bedroom where the speed bag and drying table are. I use this mainly for priming and constructing cradles and boards, as well as repairing and anything else that requires a lot of room and a flat surface. Its a clean spot right now cause I just moved everything around, plus a lot of what I've been doing lately has been on the comp, this next month that will change for the Wheeler show in December.

If you spend a lot of time in your studio, or if your home is your studio I highly recommend getting some form of exercise equipment or something that helps you burn off energy, or work some up when you've been in front of your comp/easel for to long. Of course I picked the nosiest one, so it doesn't help much at 3am when my neighbors are trying to sleep. But it sure is a hell of a lot of fun, sorry downstairs.

Here's the muscle of the operation. She makes sure clients pay up on time, with chips and dip.