Friday, October 30, 2009

More work going on the website

Some more line work of some of the things going on the new site. Hopefully it'll all be up by Saturday night else I might be spending another Halloween inside, which sucks cause I really enjoy the holiday. Had I thought of it earlier and didn't procrastinate on getting my site up I would have started something new this year as tradition. Been really into masks and strange morphed faces, so I figure if I remember to do so maybe I'll start making masks for Halloween next year, but not like latex rubber ones as much as wood carved, various materials, almost like historical and tribal looking. Chris at work the other day suggested that I look for good reference for masks from a guy named Benda. Apparently this guy was the ILM of his day for mask making when theater was more prominent, during the 1920's I think. Looked at a few and yes, they are in fact THE SHIT.

All three are Benda Masks, thx google image search.

To be completely honest it seems like a lot of things from the 20's seem to be real appealing right now. Not a huge fan of the flapper look, but the theatrical makeup and other fashions are so much more appealing than a lot of the stuff we got today. On a side note, seriously, I hate people who wear crocs, have some dignity.
A friend of mine who's getting married in the next few months posted a great picture of what she wants her wedding makeup to look like, just classic, but not even sure if it's 20's.

Also check out the movie " Changeling," Angelina Jolie is rocking the style in there looking proper. Beware though, movie is crazy depressing. Especially if you got kids. Anyways look for the site on Sat.