Friday, October 9, 2009

Water color sketches

And here's some line work added to this morning exercise to give it a lil more substance. Not a huge improvement, but I'll take it.

Here's the second sketch of the morning, pushing myself to leave line behind in favor of exploration of color. Composition is cheap, I jumped right in with out thinking about it, just saw colors and went for it. I cheated a little bit, added some reds to the right side to even out the color and add a pure red near the middle to stand out more and catch the eye.

Kind of a crappy first attempt, but what ever. Will probably go back over this later with solid black lines with micron pen, and maybe even some color. It was 7 o'clock in the morning, what can I say, I was tired.

Water color is something I haven't done extensively since college, and even then it was mainly for transparent washes. Over the last 5 years I've done a sketch or so here and there but wasn't until this last year and even more recently that I began to look at it again. Artist like Justin Sweet and legend Frank Frazetta made me rethink my approach to it as less of an illustration medium and more of a sketching and concept tool. It's great for final images but for me right now I'm loving it more for the approach you have to take with it, working light to dark, and its flexibility for being good at laying out line and blocks of color. Then an old friend got me looking at it again recently which has made me want to start going back to life drawing for some painting in oil and water color. Almost went last night but unexpected problems arose at work so I stayed to late to make the session, but that just gave me a chance to mess around with a cheap prang water color set this morning before jumping right in. And whats this? My buddy Ryan Burosh saved my oils for me? Oh you jeans wearing fool, thank god your diligent and kept them for me, was almost certain I lost them to my laziness. Can't wait till next Tues and Thurs to get back into the sessions.