Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More sketchy sketchy

Don't ask whats up with the top left corner. I was feeling a little silly, but in hind sight, should a goofy ass face really take up this much room? I consider it a lost opportunity, and ponder what kind of person I'd be had I taken the alternate route, the one not leading to suckdom. I hate you silly face, a lot.

I usually go through about two pages of sketches before I find something I want to explore more. In this case I didn't really have an image in mind was just doodling, and I felt a little interested in this one.

Just some sketches that I did last night before getting entirely to drunk. I tried to get some more drawings done after the fact, and well...... hey at least I got these up right? All worth it though, even the hangover this morning, considering I just don't get out enough, so easy to fall into the same old routine. Maybe I just need to start caring a sketch book with me and draw my friends and people at the bar, although I've always had trouble drawing and holding conversation, so that would probably suck for my friends, haha.

On a side note, my dog seems to really enjoy Mastadon as well...... kinda funny to watch a Chihuahua go nuts on her stuffed polar bear that she demolished the minute you put certain types of music on. Just saying, my dog owns all and is hard as bricks.