Saturday, March 13, 2010

4am again!

woke up again at 4, but this time cause my dog has been having some, ah, problems.  Anyways so I decided to stay up for a min and work on a few quick things.  Finally putting the galkyd glaze on the cleaver painting and I'm a lil anxious/nervous.  So far  it has definitely punched up the color a bit, but it also seems to have a lot of little bumps and bubbles that don't really show up head on, but do under angled lights.  I took an extra picture to show what I'm talking about.  Thinking I might need to cut the galkyd with mineral spirits a bit just to have it go on smoother and maybe cut down the bubbles, but maybe I'll get lucky and a lot of them will disappear during the drying/oxidizing process.  This will hopefully take only a day or 2 to dry but not totally sure just yet.  Once that's done I'll apply the line work and maybe one more finally glaze before its done.