Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One more for March

My friend Brennah saw this tree branch yesterday and snatched it up for me.  Much thanks homie, thinking this one will show up in one of the next 3 paintings I'm doing for the Wheeler open house in May.  Going simple again with themes with Land, Sea, and Sky, using women and elements from each setting to fill the surface.  I'll post the sketches once I have a chance to get to a scanner : / Mines still busted.

Music is cool.  Really want to check out a Black Keys album.  Herd this song at work yesterday by them, called " Tighten up," nice old school feel, really sick.  Then 2 other bands I wanna check out, and hopefully isn't just a one song band, are Heartless Bastards and Gil Scott Herron.  The Gil Scott Herron song is the devil and me I think, and I can't remember what Heartless Bastards did.  Much love to the Serrius Radio at work... sometimes, esp when it's not Monday and hipster run off is on.  You suck dude, and I hate your program. Seriously just rambles off bs while trying to sound like a " hipster" that probably isn't even old enough to remember Kurt Cobain shooting himself.  Meh, what ever, dude can have his show, I just block out his DBin.