Saturday, March 20, 2010

Clock Work

Again with the awake on a Sat morning.  Decided to get out my guitar finally and start playing again, at least to learn a few songs that I've been wanting to.  Think its been since late high school the last time I wanted to learn some new stuff.  That was over 10 years ago, damn I'm starting to get old!  Restrung the electric and thinking of getting a cheap amp off craig's list, and then gotta restring the acoustic.  Gonna go look for some branches  outside now to draw under some directional lighting.  For some reason, I dunno, it's 3:40 AM.

This made a loud noise about 20mins when I broke it off of the dead tree out back in the lil court yard of my apt complex.....  I promise the tree is and has been dead for a long while.  Been looking at branches a bit the last few days and this on seemed to be the best for what I wanted shape wise.